Back on Track

After a bit of a blogging hiatus due to personal and medical reasons, I’m finally back on track and working hard this off-season to be able to bring you the BEST ICM in 2015. I’m going to streamline the site into 8 simple categories that will be easy for readers to to navigate (hopefully!)

I’m also currently looking for some other Mommas that might be interested in joining the ICM team as bloggers, photographers, on-the gound contributors, editors and more. These are all volunteer based of course.
Email me at if you are interested, or DM me on Twitter or Facebook!
Can’t wait to get back to what I love in 2015!

Thanks to all of you out there that have sent messages of support and understanding to me, your kindness is truly appreciated and came at a very needed time.

Happy Silly Season! I can’t wait for 2015!

Amy xx



Amy and her son Gage are huge IndyCar fans on a mission to get more families and children interested in IndyCar! Follow them as they hit the tracks, sharing what YOU need to know to make your family trip to a race easy and fun. They love to interview other fans and share their IndyCar stories here. Be on the lookout for them at a track near you!

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